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Brass Propane Tank Adapter 1lb Converter for Cylinder

Model: YM01018
  • YM01018

Brass Propane Tank Adapter 1lb Converter for Cylinder

Product Overview

This brass propane tank adapter allows you to connect 1 pound disposable propane cylinders to home and outdoor appliances that normally require a standard 20 pound tank. It provides an affordable and portable fuel source option.

Adapter Specifications

  1. Fits 1lb Disposable Bottles  

    The adapter inlet is designed specifically to index directly onto affordable and widely available 1 pound disposable propane bottles, like those used for camping stoves and torches.

  2. Standard 20lb CGA-510 Outlet 

    While taking 1lb bottles on the input side, the outlet connector is a common CGA-510 fitting compatible with full size propane appliances and tools expecting regular 20 pound tanks.

  3. Rugged Forged Brass Construction  

    Crafted from solid forged brass rather than lower grade alloys, this adapter is built to withstand years of harsh outdoor temperatures, rain, sleet and snow without cracking or breaking.

Key Application Scenarios

  1. Powering Patio Heaters  

    Connect inexpensive 1lb propane bottles using this converter to run full size outdoor patio and mushroom heaters that normally operate off bulkier 20lb tanks.

  2. Fueling Camp Stoves  

    Many large camp chef stove systems are designed for 20lb cylinder connection. This adapter enables easy use of 1lb bottles for cheaper, more portable camp cooking.  

  3. Running Generators  

    For off-grid or emergency use, hook up widely available 1lb cylinders to generators rated for 20lb propane tanks using this brass converter.

  4. Operating Fire Pits

    Standard propane fire pits and fire bowls are built for 20lb tanks. Attaching 1lb bottles via this adapter provides an affordable fuel source for outdoor heating.  

Safety Tips for Operation

  1. Always Leak Check Connections  

    When attaching a new 1lb cylinder, spray adapter joints with soapy water and check for bubble formation to confirm no fuel leaks before proceeding.

  2. Monitor Tank Fuel Level  

    Use the connected appliance's pressure gauge to monitor propane level in the 1lb bottle as it empties during use. Falling pressure means fading gas supply.

  3. Prevent Hose Kinks that Could Block Flow  

    Use the rotating adapter head to orient the outlet and prevent awkward hose bending that could kink the line and obstruct smooth propane flow.

  4. Shut Valves When Not in Use

    For safety, ensure the control valve on the 1lb tank is closed tightly whenever the appliance is inactive between uses. The adapter does not have its own cutoff.

  5. Avoid High Heat Exposure

    Position spent 1lb cylinders away from sources of high heat like grills, campfires, or furnaces before final cool down and proper disposal, to prevent explosion risk.

Product Specifications

Inlet Connection

POL/QCC1 connection

Outlet Connection

1LB Cylinder

Applicable Gas Type

LPG, Propane, Butane



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