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A valve is a device used to control the flow of fluids (liquids, gases, or steam). It can open, close, or regulate the passage of fluid to control pressure, flow rate, and direction. Valves are widely used in various industrial sectors, including petrochemical, power generation, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and more. Depending on their operating principles and structural types, valves can be classified into various types, including: Ball valves for kitchen, Butterfly valves, Gate valves, Globe valves, and so on. Each type is designed for specific purposes and applications.

The selection of valves depends on application requirements and operating conditions. Different types of valves have distinct characteristics and suitable applications, and the choice should consider factors such as fluid medium, temperature, pressure, flow rate requirements, as well as safety and reliability considerations. Additionally, valve materials are crucial, with common materials including cast iron, aluminum alloy valve, copper alloys, and plastics.

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