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Our products include but are not limited to gas valves, burners, ignitors, fire pits, and thermocouples. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-performance, high-reliability products and solutions to meet your different needs and requirements.
Gas Water Heater
Thermocouples and electrodes play an important role in gas water heaters.1.Thermocoupl: Thermocouples are temperature sensors commonly used for flame monitoring and safety control in gas water heaters. Located near the burner, they measure the temperature of the flame to determine if it is burning n
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Gas Oven
1.Knob: Gas ovens are usually equipped with knobs to control the temperature, baking mode, and time parameters of the oven. By rotating the knob, users can select the desired temperature and baking mode (such as bake, broil, self-cleaning, etc.). The knob can also be used to set the baking time of t
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Gas Cooker
1.Valve: Gas cookers are typically equipped with multiple valves that control the flow and combustion of gas. The primary valve is the gas valve, which controls the supply and shut-off of gas. Users can adjust the gas flow by operating the valve, thereby controlling the size and intensity of the fla
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