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Gas Water Heater

Gas Water Heater

Thermocouples and electrodes play an important role in gas water heaters.

1.Thermocouple: Thermocouples are temperature sensors commonly used for flame monitoring and safety control in gas water heaters. Located near the burner, they measure the temperature of the flame to determine if it is burning normally. If the flame goes out or becomes abnormal, the thermocouple detects the temperature change and sends a signal to the gas valve to shut off the gas supply, thereby preventing gas leaks and safety accidents.

2.Electrode: Electrodes are components used in conjunction with thermocouples, typically located in the combustion area of a gas water heater. They produce a high-voltage arc that ignites the gas and air mixture, forming a flame. The thermocouple contacts the electrode and senses the temperature of the flame, transmitting the signal to the control system.

The combination of thermocouples and electrodes can effectively monitor and control the flame status of gas water heaters, ensuring their normal operation and safety. If the flame becomes abnormal or goes out, the thermocouple will promptly shut off the gas supply, preventing gas leaks and accidents. These safety control devices are an important part of gas water heaters, providing users with reliable hot water supply while ensuring safety.

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