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Gas Oven

Gas Oven

1.Knob: Gas ovens are usually equipped with knobs to control the temperature, baking mode, and time parameters of the oven. By rotating the knob, users can select the desired temperature and baking mode (such as bake, broil, self-cleaning, etc.). The knob can also be used to set the baking time of the oven, ensuring that the food is cooked within the appropriate time frame.

2.Thermostat: The thermostat is a temperature control device in the oven that maintains a constant temperature inside the oven. It senses changes in the temperature inside the oven and automatically adjusts the power of the heating element (such as a heating tube or heating element) to maintain the set temperature. The thermostat ensures that the temperature inside the oven remains stable, achieving precise cooking and baking results.

The combination of knobs and thermostats makes operating the gas oven more convenient and precise. Users can select the desired baking mode and temperature by rotating the knob and rely on the thermostat to maintain a constant temperature inside the oven. This allows users to cook and bake according to different food requirements, achieving ideal cooking results.

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