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Outdoor Camping Stove Adapters Propane Tank Lindal Valve

Model: YM01022
  • YM01022


Outdoor Camping Stove Adapters Propane Tank Lindal Valve


This propane tank adapter allows you to connect portable Lindal-valve canisters, often used for camping stoves, to standard appliances and tools that require larger propane tanks through a common type 1 tank valve. Enjoy convenience and cost savings.

Adapter Features and Specs

Lindal Valve Fitting  

The female inlet indexes directly onto Lindal valve propane canisters, which use a threaded puncture pin system common on compact portable propane cylinders under 5 pounds.  

Type 1 Tank Valve Outlet  

While taking portable Lindal input, the male outlet matches the standard type 1 tank valve fitting used on common bulk propane tanks and residential supply lines.

Durable Solid Brass  

Constructed entirely of rugged forged brass rather than lower grade alloys prone to cracking, this Lindal adapter is built survive years of heavy outdoor and camping use.

High BTU Flow Rating

With a maximum flow capacity over 150,000 BTU per hour through its valves, this adapter can reliably handle powering most full size propane appliances without supply shortages.  

Key Propane Appliance Connection Scenarios  

Running Large Camp Stoves

Connect compact 1lb Lindal valve propane cylinders to oversized camp chef systems, turkey fryers, or multi-burner ranges normally requiring bulk tanks.  

Fueling Patio Heaters

Attach affordable and portable Lindal propane bottles to full size commercial mushroom or standing patio heaters that otherwise expect connection to standard 20 pound tanks.  

Using with Generators  

Hook up 1lb Lindal canisters to emergency backup generators or off-grid power with type 1 propane inlets using this converter for cheaper, transportable fuel.

Connecting Residential Supply Lines  

Some homes have built in type 1 supply lines for propane fireplace logs or kitchen stove fuel. Connect portable Lindal tanks as an auxiliary supply with this adapter.

Safe Usage Tips

Always Leak Check  

When attaching to any Lindal valve bottle, spray soapy solution on adapter joints and watch for bubbles before proceeding to confirm no dangerous propane leakage.  

Monitor Tank Fuel Level  

Observe connected appliances’ pressure gauges as Lindal tanks empty. Falling pressure means fading gas supply, indicating the canister will soon need replacement.

Stand Tanks Upright  

For stability and preventing detachment from adapters, always place Lindal bottles on a flat, level surface or securely fasten in an upright stand or carrier.  

Shut Valves When Not in Use  

Ensure the control valve on any Lindal tank is tightly closed whenever the appliance is inactive between uses rather than just on standby.

Keep Tanks Away From Direct Heat  

Position spent Lindal propane cylinders away from sources of high heat before final cool down and proper disposal, to eliminate any explosion risk.

Product Specifications

Inlet Connection

1/20 Connector

Outlet Connection

Standard 7/16 Camping Stove

Applicable Gas Type

LPG, Propane, Butane

Product Description

Camping Stove Adaptors

Stove Adapters4

Camping Stove Adaptors

product show

Product Certification


Packaging & Shipping

Packing: Carton

Delivery: The main transportation route is UPS, and other transportation methods will be used to reduce the transportation time when there is a large volume of product order.  

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