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Brass Propane Tank Adapter with Gauge Converts POL to QCC1

Model: YM01015
  • YM01015


Brass Propane Tank Adapter with Gauge: Convert Your POL Valve to QCC1 for Safe and Efficient Propane Usage


This brass adapter allows you to connect modern propane devices that use QCC1 connectors to traditional propane tanks with POL connections. The adapter has an integrated pressure gauge so you can easily monitor the amount of propane remaining in your tank.

With camping season coming up, this adapter makes it easy to use your new portable propane appliances without having to buy a whole new propane tank system. Whether you need to connect a camp stove, heater, or lamp, this adapter has you covered. Read on to learn all about how it works and why it’s a useful accessory to have on hand.

Sturdy Brass Construction for Gas Connectivity

Unlike some cheaper plastic adapters, this unit is constructed from rugged brass for maximum strength and durability. Brass is the ideal material for safely channeling propane flow between the tank and your device’s regulator.

The connectors at both ends are made to tight tolerances for secure leak-proof connections every time. And the whole body is finished in a durable chrome-plate to resist corrosion over years of use exposed to the elements. Whether using occasionally or daily, this rugged construction gives you peace of mind.

Simple & Secure Connection for All Your Devices

Connecting your QCC1 equipped devices is simple. Just screw the female QCC1 threaded connector side securely onto your appliance’s regulator. Tighten by hand until snug.

Then connect the male POL supply side to your propane tank’s outlet. Make sure both sides are fully tightened before turning on the gas flow. The tight thread connections keep everything securely attached with no risk of accidents or leaks. So you can fire up your stove or heater with confidence.  

Integrated Gauge Displays Tank Fuel Level

This adapter makes it easy to tell with its built-in pressure gauge. The easy-to-read dial displays bright color markings so you know precisely when you’ll need a refill.

Swivel Operation Offers Flexible Movement

One great extra feature of this adapter is that it swivels at both connection points. The rotational joint where it screws onto your propane tank and device regulator allows everything some play.

This offers more flexibility when installing so you can angle the hose connection exactly where you need it. No more struggling with misaligned threads or stiff tubes pointing the wrong way. You can position the adapter at the perfect angle for hassle-free hook-ups every time.

Product Specifications

Inlet Connection


Outlet Connection

1/20 thread for 1LB cylinder

Applicable Gas Type

LPG, Propane, Butane

Max. Inlet Pressure

250 PSI

Product Description




product show

Product Certification

CSA AGA Certification

Packaging & Shipping

Packing: Carton

Delivery: The main transportation route is UPS, and other transportation methods will be used to reduce the transportation time when there is a large volume of product order.  

Company Information

Company Information

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