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Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator Gas Pressure Gauge for RV

Model: YM01012
  • YM01012

Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator Gas Pressure Gauge for RV

Know Your Propane Levels

Staying on top of your RV's propane tank levels is crucial. Running out of propane mid-trip can completely derail your travel plans. This propane tank gauge takes the guesswork out of monitoring your fuel levels so you can travel with total peace of mind.

What is a Propane Tank Gauge?

A propane tank gauge is a convenient device that allows RVers to easily monitor the fuel levels in their motorhome propane tanks. It displays the actual pressure inside the tanks, which directly correlates to how much propane is left inside at any given moment.

Why RVers Need Propane Gauges

RV propane systems are sealed and lack transparent fuel gauges. Typically an RV will have dual propane cylinders mounted on the frame that feed appliances like stoves, fridges, and furnaces inside. The only way to check your propane supply is to manually check each tank’s fill levels physically.

This requires getting on your hands and knees to peer at tiny, confusing float gauges while the tanks are installed on your RV’s chassis. And with no way to check propane levels while driving, it’s tough to accurately track usage and know if you’ll run out.  

Propane Tank Gauges Eliminate Guessing

A propane tank gauge takes all the estimating completely out of monitoring your RV’s fuel supply.

As you draw propane to operate appliances, pressure drops proportionately. The gauge needle moves lower accordingly. It displays empty when pressure hits zero PSI. When tanks get refilled, it immediately jumps back to full pressure levels again.

Key Benefits of Propane Tank Gauges:

- Check propane levels instantly without crawling under RV

- Accurately tracks propane usage over short and long trips  

- Ensures you don’t get stranded without functioning appliances

- Helps determine when to refill tanks during trips

- Easy 5 minute DIY installation, no tools required

Precision Design for RV Propane Systems

This propane level monitor is engineered specifically to handle RV propane tanks:

- Durable weatherproof stainless steel housing

- Seals tightly to prevent pressure leaks

- Safe to leave permanently installed

- Simple hand twist installation  

Product Specifications

Inlet Connection

Propane Tank

Outlet Connection


Max. Inlet Pressure

250 PSIG

Applicable Gas Type

LPG, Propane, Butane

Ambient Temperature

-40°F ~ 130°F

Product Description



tan and use

product show

Product Certification


Packaging & Shipping

Packing: Carton

Delivery: The main transportation route is UPS, and other transportation methods will be used to reduce the transportation time when there is a large volume of product order.

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Company Information

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