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3-port Propane Tank Adapter Fitting Connects 1lb Appliance

Model: YM01033
  • YM01033

3-port Propane Tank Adapter Fitting Connects 1lb Appliance

Equipped with QCC1/Type1,Female POL and Male Thread,1''-20 Male Throwaway Cylinder Thread.

Connects 1lb portable appliance to 5lb-40lb LP tanks.

When it comes to connecting your 1lb appliance to a propane tank, having the right adapter is essential.  

Our Propane Tank Adapter Tank Fitting is designed to make this process quick and easy, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of using larger propane tanks with your smaller appliances.

This high-quality adapter is built to last, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection between your appliance and the propane tank.  

Its durable construction means you can rely on it for years to come, making it a smart investment for any outdoor enthusiast or camper.

With easy installation and a compact design, this adapter is perfect for use with grills, stoves, heaters, and more.

Say goodbye to constantly replacing small propane canisters and hello to longer-lasting fuel for your favorite outdoor activities.

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