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BBQ Propane Tank Adapter 20lb to 1lb Converter with Valve

Model: YM01007
  • YM01007

BBQ Propane Tank Adapter 20lb to 1lb Converter with Valve

The 20lb to 1lb propane tank adapter is an invaluable accessory for BBQ enthusiasts.  This clever little device allows you to connect a standard 20lb propane tank to small 1lb portable propane cylinders or appliances.  Keep reading to learn all about how this adapter works and why you need one for your next cookout.

How the 20lb Tank Adapter Works

The 20lb to 1lb propane tank adapter is equipped with a standard POL valve on one end that securely fits onto a full-sized 20lb BBQ propane tank.  On the other end is a female quick connect valve that accepts the male quick connect fitting found on 1lb propane cylinders.

An integrated high-capacity regulator controls propane flow from the large 20lb tank to provide consistent gas pressure to portable grills, camp stoves, lanterns or other 1lb propane devices.  This gives you the convenience of using small disposable propane cylinders without running out of fuel quickly.

Benefits of Using a 20lb Tank Adapter

There are many great reasons to use a 20lb to 1lb propane tank adapter for your BBQ setup.

Endless Propane Supply - A full 20lb tank contains over four times more propane than a standard 1lb cylinder.  You'll almost never run out of propane in the middle of grilling when you connect a larger tank.

More Economical - Single-use 1lb propane cylinders become expensive over time.  You save significantly on fuel costs by refilling a 20lb BBQ propane tank instead.

Easily Refillable - 20lb BBQ propane tanks are meant to be refilled indefinitely.  Exchange empty tanks for full ones economically at nearby refilling stations.

Universal Connectivity - The adapter's 1lb female quick connect fitting works with all appliances and lanterns made for standard 1lb propane cylinders.

Compatible Devices

The 20lb propane tank adapter allows you to connect a diversity of 1lb propane products to a large propane supply.

Portable Grills & Camp Stoves

Small tabletop propane grills and camping stoves for tailgating, RVs, picnics or camping all operate on 1lb propane cylinders.  You can fire up these convenient grills on demand without worrying about running out of propane.

Catalytic & Infrared Heaters

1lb propane heaters provide focused heat for patios, tents, workshops and more.  Get more burning time from portable catalytic and infrared propane heaters with the adapter.

Gas Lanterns

Bright battery-free propane lanterns are essential for camping trips or outdoor activities at night.  Connect your gas lanterns to a 20lb propane tank so you don't have to replace little 1lb cylinders frequently.


You may be surprised by how many products run on 1lb propane cylinders.  Mosquito traps, weed burners, soldering torches, corn roasters and even small propane-powered appliances like ranges and fridges all connect via a standard 1lb gas fitting.

How to Use the 20lb Tank Adapter Safely

While very convenient, there are a few safety guidelines to follow when using your BBQ propane tank adapter.

Inspect adapter hoses and fittings for damage before each use

Ensure all connections are tightened securely

Position propane tanks upright and stable on flat ground

Transport and change propane tanks outdoors only

Shut adapter valve when not in use

Store propane tanks securely outdoors away from heat/flames

Following basic safety precautions keeps you and your family secure while benefitting from this useful propane cylinder adapter.

Finding the Right 20lb Tank Adapter

If you're ready to get more use from BBQ propane tanks, pay attention to these key features when selecting an adapter:

Construction Quality

Choose a tank adapter made from durable brass and stainless steel rather than lower grade metals prone to cracking.  Check product specs to confirm before purchasing.

Safety Features

Quality regulators have overload protection to provide consistent gas flow.  Leak-proof o-ring seals prevent hazardous propane leaks at all fittings.

Ease of Use

Look for extended valve handles for easier on/off control.  A swivel POL adapter allows the tank adapter to rotate freely while connected to the 20lb tank.

Investing in a feature-packed 20lb propane tank adapter is worthwhile for any grilling or outdoor enthusiast.  You gain the versatility of tapping into a much larger fuel supply with small 1lb propane cylinders

Product Specifications

Inlet Connection

QCC (1.312"-5ACME)

Outlet Connection

CGA600 (1"-20UNEF Male)

Max. Inlet Pressure

250 PSIG

Applicable Gas Type

LPG, Propane, Butane

Ambient Temperature

-40°F ~ 130°F

Product Description


stop leak

1lb tank with

real use

product show

Product Certification

Packaging & Shipping

Packing: Carton

Delivery: The main transportation route is UPS, and other transportation methods will be used to reduce the transportation time when there is a large volume of product order.

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