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Soda maker Direct Adapter CGA320 to TR21-4

Model: YMPH041
  • YMPH041

Soda maker Direct Adapter CGA320 to TR21-4

This high-pressure hose is crafted from a robust blend of nylon, TPU, and fiber, offering exceptional resistance to rust, corrosion, wear, and aging.

Enhanced Functionality:

This new generation hose boasts a pressure gauge and exhaust valve, significantly enhancing convenience and safety.    The standard size ensures seamless compatibility with most setups.

Premium Construction:

The external hose adapter kit is meticulously crafted from 100% solid brass, exuding both elegance and hygiene.    Its robust construction guarantees safety and reliability.

Versatile Applications:

With a generous length of 60 inches, this hose caters to a wide range of scenarios.    It seamlessly connects a large CO2 tank and machine, making it ideal for applications requiring standard CGA-320 CO2 gas tanks.

Important Note:

Before purchasing, please ensure compatibility by verifying the interface type.

Key Features:

* Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, anti-aging

* Working pressure: 4800 PSI

* Pressure gauge and exhaust valve for enhanced safety and convenience

* Standard size for universal compatibility

* Premium 100% solid brass external hose adapter kit

* Length: 60 inches

* Suitable for standard CGA-320 CO2 gas tanks


* Connecting large CO2 tanks and machines

* Various industrial and commercial settings requiring high-pressure CO2 delivery

This high-pressure hose offers a compelling combination of performance, safety, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

未命名Soda maker Direct Adapter CGA320 to TR21-4 (1)Soda maker Direct Adapter CGA320 to TR21-4

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