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Piezo Spark Ignition Gas Fireplace Ignition Switch Igniter

Model: YMPI001
  • YMPI001

High-Quality Gas Stove and Oven Ignition Kit: Safe and Durable Spark Ignition Solution

Piezo igniter is a device that delivers an igniting spark by means of pressure on a crystal. This gas stove and oven ignition kit provides a safe and durable solution for your spark ignition needs.

【Safe and Easy to Use with Premium Materials】

Made of high-quality plastic material, this ignition kit is designed for durability and reliability. Its sturdy construction ensures a secure and safe connection, preventing leaks and ensuring optimal performance. The kit is ideal for use with a range of fuel sources, including liquid petroleum gas, natural gas, alcohol oils, and more.

【Versatile Usage for Gas Stoves and Ovens】

This ignition kit is mainly used in gas stoves and ovens, providing a reliable and efficient spark for igniting the fuel source. Its convenient and easy-to-use design makes it accessible for anyone, regardless of experience, to quickly and safely maintain their gas appliances.

【Package Includes Piezo, Hex Nut, (Spark Electrode and Disassembled Components)】

This kit includes a piezo, hex nut, spark electrode, and disassembled components, providing everything you need for a complete and convenient ignition solution. The disassembled components ensure easy installation and maintenance, allowing you to quickly and safely install and use your gas appliances.

In summary, this gas stove and oven ignition kit is a reliable and durable accessory that offers a safe and convenient solution for your spark ignition needs. Its sturdy construction, versatile usage, and easy installation make it a valuable addition to any gas appliance setup, and a must-have for anyone looking to maintain a reliable and efficient heat source. With its high-quality materials, safe design, and comprehensive kit components, this ignition kit is the perfect tool for all your gas stove and oven ignition needs.

Product Specifications

Output Voltage


Life Time

30, 000

Spark Outlet


Applicable Gas


Assembly Hole


Spark Distance


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