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China Camping Life Expo 2024·Hangzhou

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The 2nd China Camping Life Expo successfully concluded its three-day event from March 22 to March 24, 2024, in Hangzhou, China, marking a significant milestone in the outdoor camping industry.

This prestigious event featured leading camping brands such as Snowpeak, DOD, SnowLine, KOVEA, Weber,  Naturehike , and Coleman, showcasing the latest in camping technology and outdoor equipment.

A highlight of the expo was the comprehensive range of camping stoves, barbecue grills, and related products displayed by these top-tier brands, drawing the attention of camping enthusiasts and professionals alike.

We, Yuanming,  have our innovative camping stove adapters and propane hose kits, designed to seamlessly connect stoves to fuel canisters.

Yuanming's products are compatible with renowned brands like FlameKing and Blackstone, emphasizing our role as a supplier in the outdoor equipment industry,and aligning with the needs of modern campers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking dependable equipment.

Yuanming's commitment to quality and functionality was evident in adapters and hose kits, which are engineered to enhance the camping experience by ensuring safety, efficiency, and convenience.   

Our hoses comply with CSA standards and are CSA certified, which is a source of our confidence.

By providing reliable connections between stoves and propane canisters, Yuanming addresses a critical need in the market, supporting the operation of essential camping appliances.

For more information about Yuanming's products and services, please visit

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