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Advanced Sit150 Series 2 Flames Gas Pilot Burner

Model: YMP009
  • YMP009

Advanced Sit150 Series 2 Flames Gas Pilot Burner

This advanced SIT150 series 2-flame gas pilot burner is designed to provide a safe and a reliable ignition source for gas burners. Featuring a sturdy construction with high-quality materials, this pilot burner is built to last, ensuring a secure and consistent ignition every time.

Forced Air Supply for Safe and Efficient Ignition

Equipped with a forced air supply, this pilot burner provides a safe and efficient ignition for gas burners. The air/gas mixer and finite fuel gas adjustment valve ensure precise control over the ignition process, while the heat-resistant stainless steel alloy flame sensor provides consistent and reliable performance.

Easy Installation and Flexible Application

Designed for fast and easy installation, this pilot burner is perfect for a variety of gas burner applications. Its compact and versatile design makes it suitable for use in a range of settings, from residential to industrial.   Whether you're looking for a reliable ignition source for a gas stove or a larger-scale industrial burner, this pilot burner is an excellent choice.

Custom for Your Needs

Leveraging their extensive expertise, our team collaborates closely with you to develop bespoke pilot burner solutions that are custom-tailored to your unique requirements. Our personalized approach ensures that your pilot burner solution delivers optimal performance and value, aligning with your specific needs and preferences for exceptional results.

This advanced SIT150 series 2-flame gas pilot burner is a reliable and efficient solution for your gas burner ignition needs. Its sturdy construction, forced air supply, easy installation. Whether you're using it in a residential or industrial setting, this pilot burner is the perfect tool for ensuring a seamless and reliable ignition every time.

Product Specifications


Stainless steel/cast iron/copper



Pilot Hood

3 Flame

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