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10FT Two Stage RV Propane Regulator Hose with POL Connect

Model: YMPH021
  • YMPH021

10FT Two Stage RV Propane Regulator Hose with POL Connect

The 10FT Two Stage RV Propane Regulator Hose with POL Connect is a high-quality and reliable propane regulator hose that is specially designed for use in recreational vehicles (RVs). This regulator hose is an essential component for safely and efficiently connecting propane tanks to RV appliances.

One of the key features of this regulator hose is its two-stage design. Unlike single-stage regulators, which deliver a constant pressure, the two-stage design provides a more consistent and reliable flow of propane. This ensures that your RV appliances receive the correct amount of propane, resulting in optimal performance and efficiency.

The 10FT length of this regulator hose offers flexibility and convenience during installation. Whether you need to connect your propane tank to a grill, heater, or any other RV appliance, this hose provides ample length to reach your desired location. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use and resist damage from UV rays, abrasion, and corrosion.

Another notable feature of this regulator hose is its POL connect fitting. The POL connect fitting is a standard fitting used in propane systems, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of RV appliances and tanks. This eliminates the need for additional adapters or fittings, simplifying the installation process and saving you time and effort.

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to propane systems, and this regulator hose is designed with safety in mind. It is equipped with a built-in excess flow protection device that automatically shuts off the flow of propane in the event of a sudden increase in pressure. This feature provides an added layer of protection against potential leaks or accidents, giving you peace of mind during your RV adventures.

In conclusion, the 10FT Two Stage RV Propane Regulator Hose with POL Connect is a dependable and efficient solution for connecting propane tanks to RV appliances. Its two-stage design, convenient length, POL connect fitting, and built-in safety features make it a top choice for RV enthusiasts. Ensure a smooth and worry-free propane system in your RV with this high-quality regulator hose.

Product Specifications

Inlet Connection

POL Tank

Outlet Connection

3/8" Female Flare Nut Fitting

Hose Length

10FT or Customized

Applicable Gas Type

LPG, Propane, Butane


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